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Whitney: The Greatest Hits Cd, Whitney Houston Whitney: The Greatest Hits Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston
Whitney: The Greatest Hits Cd, Whitney Houston

For an artist who only released four proper albums in a 15-year career, it's astounding to recall how many hits Whitney Houston was able to achieve. The two CDs on The Greatest Hits track Houston's rise from mid-'80s Top 40 balladeer to standard-setting diva. Disc 1, Cool Down, runs chronologically through Houston's down-tempo love songs, from "The Greatest Love of All" and "I Will Always Love You" to the cleverly conceived new duet with Deborah Cox, "Same Script, Different Cast." She's also showcased as the remixee of choice for DJs on the second disc, Throw Down, which serves as the antidote to the lovesick first disc. Calling in marquee mixmasters, Houston's old-shoe tunes get a new millennium polish. "My Love Is Your Love," reinterpreted by Jonathan Peters, captures the versatility of Houston's songs by making the downbeats danceable without going totally Euro-cheese. In contrast, Junior Vasquez's remix of 1985's "How Will I Know" pokes fun at the song's '80s fluffiness by layering in bells, lasers effects, and echoes on top of Whitney's enthusiastic vocals.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

 1. You Give Good Love
 2. Saving All My Love For You
 3. Greatest Love Of All, The
 4. All At Once
 5. If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful -
 (with Jermaine Jackson)
 6. Didn't We Almost Have It All
 7. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
 8. One Moment In Time
 9. All The Man That I Need
10. I Will Always Love You

11. I Have Nothing
12. Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
13. I Believe In You And Me
14. Heartbreak Hotel -
(with Faith Evans/Kelly Price)
15. My Love Is Your Love
16. I Learned From The Best
17. Fine - (previously unreleased)
18. Same Script, Different Cast -
(previously unreleased, with Deborah Cox)
19. Could I Have This Kiss Forever -
(previously unreleased, with Enrique Iglesias)
Disc: 2

 1. How Will I Know - (Junior Vasquez remix)
 2. Greatest Love Of All, The - (Junior Vasquez remix)  3. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) -  (Junior Vasquez remix)
 4. So Emotional - (David Morales remix)
 5. I'm Your Baby Tonight - (Erik Morillo/Harry Choo  Choo/Jose Nunez remix)
 6. Love Will Save The Day - (Jellybean And David  Morales remix)
 7. I Will Always Love You - (Hex Hector remix)
 8. I'm Every Woman - (C&C remix)
 9. Queen Of The Night - (CJ Mackintosh remix)

10. Step By Step - (Junior Vasquez remix)
11. It's Not Right But It's Okay - (Thunderpuss remix)
12. My Love Is Your Love - (Jonathan Peters remix)
13. I Learned From The Best - (HQ2 remix)
14. You'll Never Stand Alone - (Tony Moran remix)
15. Same Script, Different Cast - (Shep Crawford  remix, with Deborah Cox)
16. If I Told You That - (Rodney Jerkins remix, with  George Michael)
17. Could I Have This Kiss Forever - (Brian Rawlings  remix, with Enrique Iglesias)
18. Star Spangled Banner, The - (bonus track, live)

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