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GUITAR TABS, Fishbone, LYRICS, FISHBONE, The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerk
The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerk
GUITAR TABS, Fishbone, LYRICS, FISHBONE, The Psychotic Friends Nuttwerk

After a four-year hiatus, perennial party band Fishbone return with their distinctive, ultra-energetic, and soulful blend of funk, ska, and punk intact. While like-minded Cali combos such as No Doubt and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have gone on to fame and fortune, Fishbone have remained too much a well-kept secret. However, The Psychotic Friends mentioned in the title are an impressive bunch of longtime Fishbone fans who boost the songs without distracting from Fishbone's brass-driven fun and fury. The midtempo Lenny Kravitz-ish "Shakey Ground" has hit potential, while high-profile guests, including Perry Farrell, Gwen Stefani, George Clinton, Rick James, and Blowfly lend their voices to the timeless "Everybody is a Star." The reggae-tinged pop of "The Suffering" drags at five minutes-plus, but with other winners--including the barely controlled ska number "Karma Tsunami" and the cool R&B rave-up "It All Kept Startin' Over Again"--Fishbone and their Psychotic (and talented) friends have a created a classy collection of manic music.

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