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My Roots Are Showing Cd, Natalie MacMaster
My Roots Are Showing
Natalie MacMaster
My Roots Are Showing Cd, Natalie MacMaster

Natalie MacMaster has been extending her scope far beyond traditional music, and reaching a wider audience, but this release takes her right back home. It's nothing more or less than a glorious ceilidh album, dance tunes played on acoustic instruments, and it's obvious from her playing that she revels in being able to do this again. These most definitely are her roots, the Scots tunes filtered through her Cape Breton home, and it's quite possible there's no one of her generation who can do this stuff better--just listen to "A Glencoe Dance Set," which was recorded live, and you'll understand that you don't need to be plugged in to generate electricity. Even the slower tunes have a bright perkiness. MacMaster's fiddle playing is completely in the Cape Breton tradition, and she never forgets this is music meant for dancing--just try sitting still while it's on. Let's hope she does it again soon.

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