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Unconditional Cd, Clay Davidson
Clay Davidson
Unconditional Cd, Clay Davidson

A big, longhaired Southern boy with a beard and black hat, Clay Davidson would like to be perceived as the latest in the line of Southern outlaw country-rockers that extends back through Travis Tritt, Hank Williams Jr., and Waylon Jennings. He wrote or cowrote 7 of the 11 tracks on this debut album, including the chugging "One More Day" and the barstool sing-along "We're All Here," and his soulful voice at times recalls Gregg Allman and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zant. But there's something conditional about Davidson's outlaw pose. Jennings and Bocephus--genuinely unconditional individualists both--fought for the right to use their own bands in the studio. Although Davidson is shown on the front and back of his album holding an electric guitar, he actually plays it only once; a brief solo on the simple-minded "My Best Friends and Me." All the other guitar parts are supplied by the usual Nashville suspects. We wouldn't want this outlaw thing to get out of hand again, now would we?

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